Golem, Young Vic

This satirical swipe at the IPad generation is a witty collision of antiquated aesthetics, cultural influences and modern-day sensibilities, says Dominic Cavendish. 

Eric Colvin in Genius: Picasso

Our Brilant Eric Colvin stars in the new Genius: Picasso as Inspector Robert on Mondays at National Geography Channel.

Matthew Christmas in Jane Eyre – tour

Our amazing talented Matthew Christmas on tour in China, after a successful run of shows from Beijing to Nanjing to Suzhou… with Chapter house Theatre Company

Ivanhoe Norona in The Crown

Our amazing talent Ivanhoe Norona stars opposite to Matt Smith in Netflix’s The Crown as Polynesian Islander.

Gledys Ibarra & Gilly Daniels in Darwin’s Tortoise

Harriet claims to have been born in the early 1800s. That would make her 200 years old. Can you believe it? And who is she?

Gilly Daniels & Joanna Kate Rodgers in The House of Bernarda Alba

The House of Bernarda Alba is part of Spanish playwright Federico Garcia Lorca’s Rural Trilogy, all of which rebelled against the norms of contemporary Spanish society.

Stephanie Crome in Santa’s Little Helper

It’s nearly Christmas, and as the snow falls softly outside, young Albert Tuttle hops into bed. But he’s far too excited to sleep. Santa will be here in just a few hours!

Gilly Daniels in Michael McIntyre’s Big Show

Lovely Gilly in an amazing comic performance at Michael McIntyre’s Big Show.

Ross Ali in Graeme of Thrones

Straight from its world tour success, critically acclaimed comedy parody Graeme of Thrones will transfer to London’s West End at the Charing Cross Theatre this autumn.

Secret Cinema’s take on Moulin Rouge

Secret Cinema’s immersive shows, which brings a film set to life for an audience before offering them the chance to sit down and watch the show.