Nic Knight Management is a boutique management company that looks after a variety of talented individuals including Actors, Presenters, TV experts, Directors and international talents.

NKM has successful sourced leading work for clients from all backgrounds and walks of life since 2007. As a company, we treat our clients and our industry contacts the way we would wish to be treated. We have found that our respect, professionalism and hard work has proven popular with casting directors, producers and directors in the UK and internationally as well.

NKM always considers the unique potential and talent that a client possesses as well as the work ethic and manner of the performer before deciding to offer representation, which means if you are on our books, it is because we believe we can promote your career to a higher level.

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Nic Knight – Director 

Nic started acting professionally as young as 6 years old in Pinewood Studios in a small role for Chicago Joe and the Showgirls. However he practically grew up on film sets as his sister was filming on The Dark Crystal and Inside the Third Reich shortly after he was born. He attended the Anna Scher Theatre for 12 years during its pomp and enjoyed classed for several years with Naomi Harris, Neil Maskill, Natalie Cassidy, Simon Godwin, Zawe Ashton, Adam Deacon, Patsy Palmer, Reggie Yates, Tameka Empson to name just a few between the ages of 6 and 18 years old. Anna Scher and Charles Verrall were pivotal in both his dramatic and ethical education and their motto that “Talent thrives through training together” seems true for the group of actors at the theatre at the time. And this training lead to Nic performing at the Tricycle and Royal Court Theatre, as well as TV (ITV / Channel 4), Radio (BBC) and Hollywood feature film credits including the lead as the Prince in Disney’s The Whipping Boy, as well as working with Oscar and Olivier winners in Franco Zeffirelli’s feature film Jane Eyre with Anna Paquin and Fiona Shaw and John Pasquin’s Christmas film Santa Clause with Tim Allen and David Krumholtz.
At the age of 18 Nic felt that, despite his strong CV, roles would be hard to come by given his shape and looks at the time and so he focused on studying languages at Bristol University, as well as living in Spain, Portugal and Brazil, and is now trilingual in Spanish and Portuguese and has a passion for the film and theatre industry in these territories.
After a couple of years at Presenter and Actor agencies, Nic founded his own agency in 2007, NKM with his wife, Erica, and in late 2008 Anna Scher asked him to also represent herself and the theatre as well as his own list of clients. For over a decade Nic And Erica have sourced talented actors and placed them in leading theatre, TV and film for UK and International projects.
In 2016, Nic also help fund and found the Cervantes Theatre in London, which specialises in leading Hispanic work (such as Lorca’s The House of Bernarda Alba / Blood Wedding) that is performed in half the week in its native Spanish as well as English for the other half.
Nic is a passionate equalitarian and strives to carry on what he learnt at the Anna Scher Theatre so that future generations have equal and fairer opportunity based on their talent without being discriminated by their looks,  background or financial resources and he supports Act for Change and similar minded groups.
Erica Canela Knight – Director 
Erica Canela Knight has worked as an Agent and Head of the Legal and Finance departments of NKM since 2008. As a qualified lawyer and accountant, she has been key to the success of the company through her attention to details, her phenomenal work rate and her ability to resolve what legal or financial issue NKM clients have faced over the course of the years.